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Ultimate 9 / iDRIVE Bluetooth Battery Monitor (Lead Acid Batteries)


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Ultimate9 (formerly iDRIVE) Bluetooth Battery Monitor

The Ultimate 9 (formerly iDRIVE Australia) Bluetooth Battery Monitor is the easiest way to check the health of any vehicles battery, starter and charging system. The Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor is a simple, easy to fit accessory that monitors your vehicle’s current battery charge level and relays this information to your Android or iOS tablet or phone. You can test your vehicle’s cranking system, record your trip duration and display and store historical data, all from the palm of your hand!

Multiple battery monitors can be named and monitored from the one device, so you can keep an eye on an entire family of cars, check that second battery in your dual battery setup or even the one in your caravan. The battery monitor has the ability to check the vehicle charging system voltage, to give an early indication of any alternator issues if the vehicle battery is going flat when it shouldn’t. You can set up notifications for periodic notifications of your batteries condition and even schedule regular tests to check your batteries integrity.


  • Wireless battery monitoring via a mobile device
  • Monitor multiple batteries with the one app
  • Bluetooth connectivity, a free app for iOS & Android (Battery Monitor BM2)
  • Receive notification of your battery condition via the app
  • Short circuit and reverse connection protection
  • Historical Data stored for up to 31 days if out of sync
  • Compatible with all 12-volt vehicle batteries
  • Compatible with lead acid type batteries: Flooded; SLA; Calcium; AGM; and Gel.
  • Simple, cheap and effective protection
  • Size: 60 x 60 x 20mm