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  • TSE_6_3_SFW56HY1JUI7_1024x_SGRNKK5H0N8N_compact
  • TSE_6_5_SFW56J8SKDE5_1024x_SGRNKKTJFTKT_compact
  • TSE_6_6_SFW56JY6GK6I_1024x_SGRNKKMKTBUM_compact
  • TSE_6_2_SFW56H11YLOV_1024x_SGRNKKVGRJVY_compact
  • TSE_6_7_SFW56L16TU2S_1024x_SGRNKJLP5A6S_compact
  • TSE_6_8_SFW56MBBUZ1G_1024x_SGRNKJ6R3CVL_compact
  • TSE_6_9_SFW56NJLXJAA_1024x_SGRNKIP4G3BI_compact

Thumpstar TSE5 Electric Kick Scooter


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Thumpstar Electric Scooter
The same technology that we use in our popular balance bikes, now in a scooter.
Cruise your way around town on our electric skateboard.

5″ wheels
Fun and easy to ride

Some assembly required