NOMAD Base Fire Pit, Grill And Bag Set


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NOMAD Base Fire Pit, Grill and Bag Set – the take anywhere fire pit. Compact for travel and easy to assemble.

NOMAD Base Fire Pit Features:

  • 3mm steel fire pit and grill plate
  • Very lightweight at 12.4kg
  • Flatpack and supplied in box
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • Assembled Dimensions:  46cm L x 39cm W x 28cm H

NOMAD Carry Bag Features:

  • PVC material with reinforced webbing base
  • Full wrap carry handle that goes underneath the bag for extra strength
  • Dimensions: 26cm x 35cm x 5cm

NOTE: Important Fire Pit Information

  • This fire pit is designed for camp fires, use only split or whole logs no thicker than 10cm and must not be stacked higher than the steel
  • This fire pit is not designed for large raging fires, CAOS will not be liable for any damage to your fire pit from incorrect use
  • Steel plates may deflect and bend due to exposure to fire which is normal
  • Danger: Children and animals must be supervised and kept a minimum of 2m away from the fire pit

PLEASE NOTE: Not warranted for use with charcoal, briquettes or other manufactured fuel.