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MX2 JR Helmet Bolt PC-7F Pink


MX2 Jr Youth Helmet Pink


    • Light weight Injection Moulded ABS Shell


    • Smaller, lighter shell perfect for young rider’s necks


    • High flow adjustable ventilation system


    • Adjustable peak


    • Removable cheek pads for easy cleaning


    • Race style D-Ring retention system


    • Standout, high quality graphic designs


    • Created and sized for Australian conditions and riders


    • ECE 22.05 certified


The new MX2 Junior Youth helmet is the latest entry level by M2R. The design in pink gives off a strong feminine vibe for our lady riders. It is designed specifically for young riders, with no compromise on safety. The helmet features lighweight injection with a smaller, lighter shell that is perfect for young girl riders’ necks. In addition, the MX2 helmet Junior is the perfect helmet for junior riders starting out, and has the features and safety of an adult helmet at a price the family budget can handle.


Moreover, these motocross helmets for youth in australia are suitable for those younger generations who want to join the fun in motorcycle riding. They may be smaller in size, but they are big on protection. They are made with the same material as the adult-sized helmets but have tinier, lighter shells for a comfortable fit on young rider’s necks.


MX2 Jr Helmet Bolt PC-7F in Pink


As with all M2R Helmets, these pink junior helmets meet and exceed safety standards. You need this MX2 Youth motorbike helmet to add protection and should be worn every time you ride a motorcycle. Even if you’re just cruising in town or competing in a cutthroat race, this race helmet is your best companion. Additionally, it has high flow adjustable ventilation system for breathability and removable cheek pads for easy cleaning. The latest youth design made with top-quality materials can withstand the challenges on the road. It has 4 sizes available that perfectly fits a smaller framed rider.


Moreover, the helmet is created and sized for Australian conditions and riders, ECE 22.05 certified and has race style D-Ring retention system.


M2R History


M2R has a rich backstory in the off-road motorcycle industry. When you look past the calibre of riders M2R has supported ever since, you’ll be amazed with their product’s reliability that made them every rider’s brand of choice. M2R’s goal is to be the world’s no.1 helmet brand. They started their business 20 years ago and developed over 40 different M2R models to this date. A hardcore Motocross racing is stapled in their DNA. Their expertise learned from engaging with numerous world famous riders which led them into creating the best models for every type of rider, may it be for enduro, trail, street, cruiser or scooter. They got it all covered and the athletes are part of their engineering process; the epitome of what made their helmets Made2Race.


M2R is a 100% Australian brand that started with a single helmet design and a passion for motorcycles. With 30 years of success in the protective gear industry, they have built solid and lasting relationships with pro-level racers worldwide while expanding their helmet line to over 40 models. They have an expansive range of options for every rider, from the cost-effective beginner helmets to the premium racer-level headgear. But no matter the price, the outstanding quality in every M2R Motocross Helmet remains the same.


Founded in 1992, M2R has motocross racing in their DNA. From the beginning, they have always wanted to become the #1 helmet brand in the industry. And 30 years later, they are the top choice of riders worldwide. Through the years, they have worked with some of the world’s most prominent dirt bike riders, and this has inspired them to develop helmet models specifically for scooters, cruisers, enduro, and trail.

M2R has rooted their brand in the off-road motorcycle scene, and the calibre of riders they have supported since their inception has only gotten higher. By building lasting relationships with the biggest names in the dirt bike world, M2R gained valuable insights into the tracks, helping them shape the brand into what it is today. The athletes and the everyday riders who sport M2R products inspire the brand to create protective gear that is Made2Race.

Why Choose M2R Helmets

M2R MX Helmets are designed with cutting-edge technology to give riders the best protection even in the most extreme conditions. M2R Helmets have X-HALO Shield™ that adds a layer of defence against impact. During an accident, the material of the X-Halo shield changes at a molecular level, so it gives successful absorption and dissipation of impact forces. This shield is partnered with a dual-layer EPS liner for a reinforced fourth protective layer.

The M2R Exo Helmet features a lightweight, injection-moulded ABS shell with a removable brushed nylon/mesh interior so it can be easy to clean. It has a 3D pre-curved interior to give riders comfort even on long rides. They also have a multi-pot channelled ventilation system that uses venture exhausts for excellent airflow. They are designed and sized for Aussie riders and stand up to the country’s harshest conditions. The brand also offers an M2R Open Face Helmet that is perfect for ATV. It has a low-profile design with a low-slung fit.

They also designed an MX2 Jr Helmet perfect for the kiddos who want to join motorcycle riding fun. They may be smaller in size, but they are big on protection. They are made with the same material as the adult-sized helmets but have tinier, lighter shells for a comfortable fit on young rider’s necks. They also offer a high-flow adjustable ventilation system and a race-style D-ring retention system. As with all M2R Helmets, these junior helmets meet and exceed safety standards.

Why You Need M2R Helmets

Motorbike helmets should be worn every time you ride a motorcycle. No matter if you’re just cruising in town or competing in a cutthroat race, protective headgear should be worn at all times to ensure your safety. Unlike cars, your bike can’t give you structural protection in an accident. You need to shield yourself from any severe head and brain damage as they are the most vulnerable body parts in a crash. M2R Helmets are made in state-of-the-art facilities and engineered using leading-edge protection technology so you can ride your bike with confidence.

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M2R is a trusted brand in the motocross world, offering protective gear that has proven their performance time and again. We offer a wide range of M2R products, including M2R Helmets, M2R Pants, M2R Gloves, M2R Helmet Visor, and M2R Leather Jacket. Some of the best-selling M2R Helmet models in AMX include M2R Exo Helmet Matte BlackMX2 Jr Helmet Bolt PC-7F Pink, and MX2 Jr Helmet Bolt PC-1F Red.