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CAOS 100PSI Tyre Pressure Gauge


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The easy way to maintain your tyre’s pressure

When driving on softer surfaces like sand, dirt and mud, it’s important to check that your tyres are set at the right pressure to ensure a smooth ride. Keeping your tyres properly inflated saves money on fuel, makes tyres last longer, and keeps you safe on the road.

With the CAOS 100psi Tyre Pressure Gauge, you can get accurate pressure reading to ensure optimum tyre performance. It has a user-friendly, ergonomic nozzle that slides onto your tyre’s valves. This creates an airtight seal for precise measuring.

It’s simple to use and built to last. It’s constructed from heavy-duty materials and protected with a rubber casing. It also has a flexible, no-leak air hose to make checking tyre pressures simple. It’s the perfect way to ensure your tyres and your vehicle remain in peak condition.

  • Easy to use
  • Precise measurements
  • Meets international accuracy standards
  • Seals tightly
  • Glow in the dark dial
  • Solid construction